Quick Tips for Home Staging

I’ve written on the topic of home staging for home sellers in more detail, recently.

However, if you have covered the de-cluttering and cleaning of your home prior to home staging, I have some quick tips as well for last minute best first impressions.


  • Reorganize the Bookshelf

Many people keep the bookshelf around as it’s a nice piece of furniture that can add personality and visual intrigue to a room. Nothing wrong with keeping it around for home buyers to see during their tour.

Just a couple tweaks though.

Remove about 25 percent of books from the shelves and then rearrange in a more “stylistic” manner. For instance, you could stack some horizontally and others vertically and add a couple simple trinkets for visual appeal.


  • Purchase New Towels

No one wants to see your old towels in their future home. Buying some new, crisp, white towels (white will do with any décor) to replace your own in the washrooms will make your washrooms resemble a spa or hotel.


  • Hang Mirrors

If you have moved most of your art work, or are more of a minimalist and have lots of wall space, consider purchasing a large mirror and hanging it in the place of art.

Mirrors open up a space, and reflect light around the room to make it appear brighter and larger – always a good thing for home buyers.


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