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How to Pick Timeless Furniture

As your design style changes over time, it’s nice to have pieces that are adaptable. Not mention, high-quality furniture is expensive, and if you are willing to invest it’s nice to know that the pieces you are in love with now will continue to hold value in your home – no matter where you move.Read more

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Quick Tips for Home Staging

I’ve written on the topic of home staging for home sellers in more detail, recently. However, if you have covered the de-cluttering and cleaning of your home prior to home staging, I have some quick tips as well for last minute best first impressions.   Reorganize the Bookshelf Many people keep the bookshelf around asRead more

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How To Create A Comfortable Guestroom

Once you have your dream home, one with gorgeous counter tops and spare rooms, it is important to you that everyone else love it too. A big part of that is making sure everyone who comes into your home feels comfortable. Making sure visitors feel at home is the difference between them wanting you toRead more

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