How To Create A Comfortable Guestroom

Once you have your dream home, one with gorgeous counter tops and spare rooms, it is important to you that everyone else love it too. A big part of that is making sure everyone who comes into your home feels comfortable.

Making sure visitors feel at home is the difference between them wanting you to adopt them, and booking an early flight home before New Year’s!

It is important to be prepared so that your guest feels like they are less of an imposition, and that they are in fact less of one.

As such, it is a good idea to convert a spare room that can easily double as a guestroom.


Follow these 7 Tips to ensure your guest room will be comfortable for anyone that you welcome into your home.


  • Decent Bed

You don’t need to splurge an absurd amount and provide a bed that is better than all the other beds in the house, but do try to provide the most comfortable and spacious bed you can.

  • Fresh Linens

Everyone loves fresh sheets and blankets. Make sure the bedding is all freshly washed.27

Another thing you can do is provide multiple layers. Some people like to be warm while they sleep, others cool. Maybe even add an extra throw in there in case your guest wants an afternoon nap.

  • Leave No Trace

It is easy to be come accustomed to using the guest room as extra storage or as a personal work/rest room.

Take care to remove all of your personal belongings from the room before a guest arrives. No crafts or work files left on the desk and remove the kids’ stuffed animals from the bed.

  • Seating

Include a comfortable chair or small couch by the window. Your guest may want to relax and read before bed.

  • Storage

Travelling and being away from all of your own things is difficult for anyone. Make your guests feel at home by leaving a few drawers empty and ample closet space to hang up suits or dresses.

  • Desk Supplies

It is nice to set out paper and a couple pens for writing down valuable information to have on hand – like flight numbers or directions.

  • The Basics

Travelling has the effect of making people feel a little off and rumpled. Try to keep some extra essentials on hand for visitors.

An alarm clock for the bedside table is a good idea. Toiletries to put out include: extra toothbrushes, tooth paste, hand/face/ bath towels, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, a simple moisturizer, and maybe cologne or perfume.