Playing Up Fall Curb Appeal

Playing Up Fall Curb Appeal

In the summer months curb appeal is easy. With the sun shining on the green grass your home has some help playing up its natural beauty.

However, when the rain comes around your home has more work do. Not everyone is a rainy day person, after all.

So what are a few things you can do to play up curb appeal if you decide to put your home on the market in the colder months?


  1. Play Up Front Door Appeal

One thing many people look to upgrade in their home is the front door. Consider changing the front door as kind of like changing your hair. It may not change the overall look of your home, but it adds something new.

You may not want to purchase a completely new front door, however one thing you can do is repaint it. Our front doors take a lot more abuse over the years than we realize. Paint eventually begins to look worn or chip off and it does nothing for curb appeal.

You can either repaint in the current color to clean up the appearance, or you can choose a new colour!

Keep in mind if you choose a more “out-there” colour that not all buyers are looking for that “unique” look. Sometimes it may be better to stick to a basic colour that doesn’t draw too much attention and allows buyers to picture the home more as a blank slate.


  1. Play Up Fixture Appeal

Along with your front door are the fixtures attached. Door handles and knockers, the address numbers, outdoor lights, even a rusty mailbox are all fixtures that can use an upgrade after some years of use.

As I’ve mentioned in the past – details make a difference.


  1. Play Up Landscaping Appeal

Just because the sun is no longer out it does not mean you can let landscaping slide. It still matters.

While flowers and trees may not be in full bloom, it is even more important now more than ever to keep up gardening habits. The lawn needs to be mown, weeds pulled, and leaves raked! Especially leaves!

While the changing colours can be beautiful in and of themselves, the mess they leave is not appealing. Be vigilant about raking – you never know when potential buys will be driving by.



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