How to Prepare Your Home to Sell This Spring

How to Prepare Your Home to Sell This Spring

You know what they say about Rome – it wasn’t built in a day. Same goes for getting your home ready for sale. You cannot have it ready over a weekend.

As far as home selling goes, first impressions matter.


I’ve compiled a list of 3 things you need to do to ensure your home is Sale ready:

1. Inspect

It really does help to have a home inspection done prior to putting your home in the market. You should be aware of all issues, big or small, that could impact the decisions of people looking to purchase a home.

This way, you can either fix them before selling, or adjust your asking price accordingly. You don’t want buyers discovering issues once under contract – you will be the one paying in the end if this
is the case.

2. Store

When people go to view a home, it is important that it look inviting to a family. That said, less is more. If you find you have many belongings, any amount of clutter will make rooms appear small and therefore less appealing to prospective buyers.

A good option is to use a storage unit for large items such as furniture.

3. Enhance

You don’t need to rebuild your home from the ground up. However, details make a large difference in the big picture.

Upgrades like refinishing hardwood floors, new handles on kitchen cabinets, and putting a fresh coat of paint on areas that are starting to look a little worn will bring new life to your space!



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