How to Make the Most of an Open House

How to Make the Most of an Open House

Buying a home is difficult – you are choosing where you want to spend time with friends and family, as well as alone. You are deciding what space is right for you.

Open Houses are one the best ways to get to know a home prior to purchase. So how do you get the most out of an open house?

Here are a few Open House tips for Home Buyers:


  • Market Insight

Open houses are a good time to gauge the market and learn what properties similar to yours, or the type of home you are look for, are being priced at.


  • Watch and Learn

Watching the behavior and interest from other buyers can give you useful insight into whether the place is a “hot” listing or if something is “off”.


  • Get to Know the Agent

The real estate agent is there for a reason. The agent present is a fountain of information regarding the home you’re attending the open house for – perhaps better than even the owners since they know what kind of information you are interested in – as well as regarding real estate in general.

I love speaking with the people attending my open houses; it lets me put a face to the person during the final sale, and I want to represent my Seller as best I can.

As well, you may just find that the agent in question could be the right agent for you in the future or right now. So be open to opportunities and be friendly!


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