How To House Hunt With Children

How To House Hunt With Children

Moving can be tough on kids. They’ve become accustomed to “Home” and a change can be a large upheaval.

Including them in the house hunting process can be fun and a good chance for kids to get excited about the prospect of moving, but they require attention and good communication is key.


A few tips to help keep everything moving smoothly during house hunting are:


  • Safety First

Kids get curious. Even if they are not thrilled at being carted around to see houses that they don’t want, they may still wander off to explore.

Communicate with your kids in advance that they are not to leave your sight unless given permission. Cover all the safety rules with your kids in fact. Open houses can be busy, it’s important that your children understand that running off without your knowledge is not safe.


  • Include Your Child

Bringing your children along isn’t always enough. Left to themselves while the adults are discussing “serious things” can cause kids to become restless which is distracting, as well as uncomfortable for the current owners of the house and their agent.

Consider involving your children in the process. You can give them a checklist of things to spot: A backyard deck, a fireplace, etc.

Or you can have them keep a list of things they liked about the houses to share with you later. This way they feel like their opinion matters.


  • Expect Delays

You may be excited for a day of house viewing, but your child has limits. Chances are this isn’t how your kid wants to spend a Saturday and as such they are bound to get tired.

If could be that they’re done after 2 houses, it could be more. Pay attention to you child and don’t force them to continue if they are beginning to act up or becoming lethargic. It won’t be fun for you either if this is the case.


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