Home Buying Etiquette 101

Home Buying Etiquette 101

This isn’t something we all do every day, so it’s not as if the etiquette of Home Buying is second nature or obvious to all of us.

Luckily for you, I do this pretty often. So stick we me and you’ll be in fine shape!

Here is the 4-1-1 on Home Buying Etiquette:

  • Know How Much You Can Spend

Get pre-approved for a loan prior to shopping. A lot goes into scheduling and preparing home viewing and if you are unsure of whether you can afford a home or not, it is misleading and a time-waster for all parties.

  • Don’t Waste Time

On the note of time-wasters, don’t be one. Be punctual when you have scheduled a viewing. You wouldn’t show up to your job late, would you? Being late makes you and your agent look rude and does not give off a good first impression. It’s okay to run late once in while – we can’t control everything – but call ahead and give notice that you will be tardy.

As well, lingering too long or making too many visits counts as time-wasting. Sellers understand this is a big decision for you, and you will need to mull it over a little. Typically 15-20 minutes is usual for first showing. Staying a little longer won’t hurt, but pay attention to time. And when it comes to multiple visits, try to keep it under 3 max.

  • When in Doubt, Ask

Don’t assume the rules of your home are the rules of everyone’s home. When it comes to practices such as removing shoes upon entering, be respectful.

Also, you may want to take pictures for reference when you get home. Remember: As much as this is a difficult decision for you, this is a difficult time for the present owners. Ask before taking photos.


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