5 Factors to Consider When Pricing Your Home

5 Factors to Consider When Pricing Your Home

No two houses are the same. They may have similar features, size, style, location, but many factor enter into pricing a home.


Here are 5 factors to consider when pricing your home:


1. The Market

The real estate market is always changing. When looking to price your home, you really won’t want to be looking too far back in housing prices. A few months at most.


2. No Two the Same

A house down the street from you may have sold for one price, but just because the location is the same does not mean that your house is worth the same. It could be more or less. Size  or even lot shape can factor in ways you didn’t expect.


3. Details to keep in mind.

Fixtures and finishes do matter to potential buyers.   Luckily these are easy issues to fix. Upgrades can be done within a budget if your home is outdated. However, things like outdated heating systems are something to keep in mind if you do not plan to upgrade. Prices will have to be changed accordingly.


4. Comparing

Planning ahead is a huge benefit when it comes to selling. Go to other open houses before you put your home on the market. See what you’re up against – the kind of renovations others have chosen to do.

By comparing the choices of others, you can then make a more informed decision of what needs to be upgraded in your own home and the added value you will reap.


5. Consult Your Agent

Your agent has lots of experience. Yes the market changes, yes no two homes are alike. However, your real estate agent knows the recipe for selling a home and what yours has and doesn’t. They can offer useful advice to add value to your home, as well as explain why your home is within a certain grouping of price range.


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