Winter Real Estate Tips for Home Sellers

The Spring and Summer may be more traditional times to a home – the sun and flowers are out, making a home that much more appealing.

However, many home owners still choose to sell during the Winter, and many home buyers are looking in the colder months as well.

Competition during these months is much lighter, and because home buyers are not expecting curb appeal to be at its height, you can get away will a little less yard work and landscaping.

That all said, while selling in the Winter can work to your advantage, make sure these factors are all taken care of in order to appeal to home buyers in colder months:


  • Easy Access

Snow and ice are slippery. It is imperative that you clear the driveway, sidewalk, as well as any paths leading to an entrance (back or front).

We don’t want anyone slipping and hurting themselves!


  • Turn on the Heat

While Summer showings have the sunshine, Winter showings have the cozy feel in their corner.

Not too hot, of course – sweating is no fun – but warm is better than a cold house.


  • Highlight Winter Attributes

If your home has a fireplace, light it up! If there’s a pool with built-in jacuzzi, make sure home buyers see that hot tub.

Whatever attributes your home has that are charming in the Winter-time, make sure to show them off during walk-throughs and open houses. Living in British Columbia, Summer is a shorter time of year, we spend a good amount of the year in the rain and temperate weather, so buyers will appreciate these details that will keep them comfortable year-round.


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