Why Winter?

Why Winter

Factors that lead to a person deciding to purchase a new home–such as up- or down-sizing, new jobs, and growing families–occur at all times of the year. So for those of you who think Summer or Spring are the prime months to sell, have no fear. Winter allows for many advantages that the warmer months do not. Winter is also the perfect time to turn the spotlight of your home onto winter-time appeal. Think cozy and family friendly.


Some tips to remember for Winter showings:

  • Maintain your exterior by shovelling walkways and tending to foliage outdoors. Also remember to wash windows and take care of minor outdoor repairs.
  • During holidays it’s okay to have up decorations such as wreaths and lights, however overtly festive decorations should be taken down following the season.
  • Place shoe mats by the entrance for snowy and dirty boots.
  • Give each room a warm touch by incorporating area rugs or throws in warm hues.
  • Finally, think warm thoughts!