What Your Front Door Tells Potential Buyers About Your Home

Garry Thind Blog What Your Front Door Tells Potential Buyers About Your Home

You know that old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, the truth is that most potential buyers make up their mind about a house as soon as they step through the front door. When you are selling your home, first impressions do matter! But, there is a small detail that you can change quickly, cheaply and easily that could make all the difference – your front door.

Check out the tips below to see how you can make sure that your front entrance to your house makes a killer first impression.


It is very important the style of your front door fits in with the rest of your home. If your house is a contemporary style minimalist, a beautiful antique door will look distinctly out of place. If you are not sure about the style of the door, why not consult an expert to advise you?


The finish of your front door will dictate its durability. Wood is nice looking, but aluminum, fiberglass and steel withstand the weather better. Today you can buy fibreglass composite doors that mimic the texture and look of wood, come with long warranties and are not expensive.


The colour of your front door, sets the tone for the rest of your home and definitely creates the first impression. If you have a modern home, bright red makes a strong statement. For an elegant and refined home, a black door with white trim will look the part. Exterior glossy paint is best to use as it is chip and scratch resistant and will last longer.


The street number, letterbox, knocker and even your doormat will leave a subconscious impression on any buyer. Make sure they are not old, rusted, or broken as that is something that can very well turn your buyers off. Maintain your fixtures before your house goes on show or replace them if necessary.

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