Trick or Treat: Real Estate and Halloween

Trick or Treat Real Estate and Halloween

There’s no getting around Halloween. While Fall Real Estate has its own charm, Halloween isn’t exactly the most understated, elegant holiday. It is a favorite of many, regardless. However, as a Home Seller, do you need to postpone any dreams of selling at this time? The answer is no, you don’t.

You may be thinking “How do I market my home to Home Buyers during Halloween?”

This unique time of year does present its own benefits if you think about it. With families out walking around, and parents often waiting on the curb while children walk up to doors to ask for candy, this is the perfect opportunity to be seen!

Think about it, you never know who is in the market for a new home. There is no harm in putting your best real estate foot forward while hundreds of people are out exploring your neighborhood!


Here are a few sweet tips to get the most out of Halloween!


  • Curb Appeal

As with any other time of year, Halloween curb appeal counts for something. While hundreds of parents are wandering around your neighborhood, you can still play up curb appeal – you just focus on different things.

While it’s spooky Halloween, you don’t want to go for the overgrown scary look, instead ensure now more than ever that your lawn and home condition look good.

So yes, during Halloween you still want your home to appear polished. That said, leverage the holiday! Get into the Halloween spirit and decorate! When your home is decorated, it is inviting! If you don’t decorate, no one will know that you are expecting trick-or-treaters which means no parents who are in the market for a new home!


  • Staging

You never know when someone may request a walk-through during the days leading up or following Halloween. So even though you’ve been busy with baking, carving pumpkins, and eating your body weight in candy corn, your home should still appear on the inside as though you were ready for visitors.

You can decorate a little for Halloween inside if you wish, but the inside of your home should remain Buyer Friendly.


  • Halloween Activities

With all of the evening activities, you may want to go out trick-or-treating as a full family; however, it is a good idea to take shifts and have someone at home at all times to answer the door and engage visitors.


All in all, remember to enjoy Halloween. This holiday may be an unconventional real estate leverage, but it’s better to be prepared than sorry!

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