To Sell During the Holidays or Not?

It’s a fair assumption many home sellers make – no one is buying a home during the holidays.

While many people take the busy period between Thanksgiving and New Years to spend time with family, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t looking.

There are other factors at work. So whether you choose to take your home off the real estate market during the holidays or not, I have a few factors to consider just so you know your options.


  • Serious home buyers check real estate listings regardless of holidays.

Holidays may be busy but they don’t take up every single hour of the day.

Some buyers may keep a latest listing app on their phone, or sit down to review listing before breakfast.

The point is that those who are looking, will still be looking.


  • Competition for attention is lower.

As many home sellers stop selling around the holidays, resulting in the market opening up – giving you an ‘in’ to reach those buyers that are still looking.


  • If it’s not for you, here’s a compromise…

Understandably, your holidays are busy too – and from visiting family to hosting parties, it’s tough to keep a tidy home that is ready for a showing upon demand.

So, if keeping your home on the marketing during the period between Thanksgiving and New Years isn’t for you, then consider putting it back on the market in January.

New Years can also be a good time to find buyers as many people come into January with goals and resolutions – one of which may be to find the perfect home.

Just remember, demand for homes can increase during non-tradition times of year when inventory is low. So, there is no need to stick to tradition Spring selling timelines.


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