Spring Cleaning: 5 Can’t-Miss Spots

Spring Cleaning 5 Can’t-Miss Spots

Winter may be the season of the warm and cozy nights in, some Netflix playing in the background. We all let ourselves off easy during the cold months for all sorts of stuff, especially cleaning.

We’re all great at “the quick clean-up”. You know the one. Guests are coming over, and everything looks spotless, but is it?

With Spring upon us, it’s time to pay attention to those long-forgotten spots in the home that need a REAL clean, not just a fast sweep and some Febreeze.


Here are 5 spots in home that may have been ignored too long:
  • Radiators

We keep our radiators going all winter long, with the windows closed to trap in the warm. Meanwhile they are collecting so much dust. This is one of the main spots most of us forget to really give a deep cleaning. Make sure to get underneath and behind. Actually clean them, don’t just dust them off!

  • Ceiling Fans

Since Winter is all about staying warm, we tend to leave the ceiling fans alone. Completely static all winter long the fan – especially the tops – are left to collect all the grime and dust that settle atop.

  • Door Handles and Trim

The details we forget will make the most difference in the big picture. We don’t pay much attention to the trim generally but wiping them down will be so satisfying. And with your Gleaming door handles, all guests will be thoroughly impressed!

  • Kitchen Details

Spring is about starting fresh. So take everything out of those kitchen cabinets, and clean them top to bottom. Clean the inside of the microwave, wipe down all the surfaces and handles in the kitchen. This is a room we spend a lot of time in. We should pay more attention to it.

  • Picture Frames

We put pictures up to proclaim our love of our family and friends. Once hang these picture up or place them on side tables, we forget to treat them like the valued possessions they are. Let’s keep them looking crisp so when we look at them, the image is as clear as can be.