Making the Difficult Decision to Sell

Garry Thind Blog Making the Difficult Decision to Sell

Making the decision to sell your home is often difficult. Many homeowners grow attached to their home and find it difficult to separate. With the decision to sell comes many unknowns, like “where will we live” and “how am I going to get everything sorted out”?
Your decision to sell should only come when you are truly ready to make a change. Once you have made the decision to sell you should seek professional advice to create a plan that is uniquely prepared to meet your personal goals.
If you are not quite ready to take that plunge, here are a few tips for selling your home that may help.

  1. Choose a local realtor with a good sales record in your area, who will not only look to get you the best price for your house but will also protect you from potential difficulties.
  2. Be transparent. The disclosure process is designed to protect both the seller and the buyer from legal issues after the sale is completed.
  3. Take the time to prepare your home properly for selling. Remove the clutter and make it look fantastic. You only get one chance to make a first impression.
  4. Price it Right! Putting a good selling price on a home will attract the right attention and possibly generate multiple offers rather than scare people away.
  5. Have professional photos taken. Most buyers search online today, and beautiful photos will attract the right attention.
  6. Have an open-door policy. Don’t limit the times your realtor can show your home to potential buyers. It is important to get as many people through your house as possible.
  7. Most importantly, stay calm. Inevitably through the buying and selling process, things can get stressful. Many emotions will be experienced on both sides and this is normal when a large sum of money is involved. Remember to take a deep breath and together with your realtor look for a smart solution.
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