How To Take Great Home Staging Photos

How To Take Great Home Staging Photos

When it comes to selling your home, one of the most important selling points of the home will be your staging photos.

To ensure that your home it putting its best foot forward, there are a few small details to remember in order to take the best photos.


  • Consider hiring a professional

Poor photos just won’t cut it. Professional photographers have experience, and will know how to capture the light and space of your rooms to it’s full potential.

  • De-Clutter

Photos, even the best ones, have a way of making closed spaces look smaller than they are. One way to help your space look large and inviting is to get rid of the clutter. While a couple magazines on the side table might look lovely in person, the small amount of clutter has a different effect in a photograph.

  • Account for the Sun (Or lack of)

Take into account what direction your home faces (North, South, East, West) so that you can plan for capturing a photograph when the light best shows off your home.

  • Create a Stage

Staging can make an enormous difference. While some people prefer to prep their home by buying some new plush towel, flowers, throws, a lot of people find simply moving possessions around to suffice.

Arranging candles and moving the paper towel holder to a different spot in the kitchen, may not be the way you use your home, but changing the aesthetics can make the difference.

  • Get Photo Happy

Regardless of how we think our rooms look best, you never actually know what the best shot is going to be. Take as many photos as possible. You’ll thank yourself later when your sifting through and find there are a few standouts.