How to Tackle Your Junk Drawer

How to Tackle Your Junk Drawer

When you’re getting ready for a move or have just moved in, taking on the infamous “Junk Drawer” is a worthy adversary. Chances are when you moved, you probably just dumped all the contents of your drawer into a box and forgot about it. Am I right?

We all have this drawer, the one we just throw things into- useful things, broken things, odd chargers, rolls of tape, just about anything and everything can be found in this drawer.

The trouble comes when you can no longer open it up! It’s time to face it head-on!


Here are 5 Tips to ensure you’re making the most out of your mess:


  • Dump It Out in Plain Sight

First things first, dump the contents out in front of you, perhaps on a towel so nothing gets lost in the process. This way you can see everything you have in there!

  • Separate Like with Like

The point here is just to get all the items in their respective categories. Put all the pens together, all the make-up together, broken reading glasses, screw drivers, etc.

  • Sort Trash from Treasure

Take a good look at what you have in front of you. Some of it, though long forgotten, is still useful. Office supplies like rolls of tap, thumbtacks, and tools are all still worth keeping. As for old newspaper clippings, or crooked scissors, consider this a great time to purge.

  • Relocate

Put the screwdriver back in the toolbox, place that fork back with the rest of the cutlery. If it has a place in the house, put it back!

  • Organize and Re-load

If you don’t want to purchase a plastic organizer, you can use small boxes your received gifts in as organizers for the inside of the drawer. Now put those odds and ends backs and enjoy the glow of tackling a giant, and winning!