Get a Head Start on the Spring Housing Rush

Garry Thind Blog Get a Head Start on the Spring Housing Rush

If you are thinking about buying or selling a property in 2018, being prepared before the Spring Housing rush hits can be extremely beneficial.
What do I mean about being prepared?
We all know that Spring and Summer are the most popular times of the year to buy and sell property. However, being ahead of the game by starting to look around in the so called “off-season” can put you
ahead of the curve.
There is usually much less competition at this time of the year and with fewer buyers in the market, properties often take longer to sell. This means that sellers could be more negotiable on their asking price. In some cases, they have already committed to another property and may have a limited time before they must move out of the home. This makes it much easier for you to negotiate a great deal on a house that may well have been out of your price range during the peak selling months.
Another advantage is that because lenders are not as busy due to processing fewer mortgages at this time of the year, the mortgage approval process can be easier. 
The cold weather can be advantageous when viewing properties as it can help you notice things that you may miss in the warmer months. For example, a draft could mean that windows need to be replaced or that there are air leaks that need to be sealed. Check the setting on the thermostat which may indicate if the home has good insulation or not.
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