5 Small Ways to Upgrade your Home in the New Year

5 Small Ways to Upgrade your Home in the New Year

When it comes to the home, details make the difference. Here are 5 small ways to upgrade in the new year.


Update Your Outlets

Installing a few extra outlets as well as upgrading your current outlets to include USB ports is an easy way to make a home more user-friendly. Pay attention to common areas where outlets are lacking such as the living room, kitchen, office, and bedroom.


Organize Your Garage

Giving your garage a good sprucing up can really change the way this extra space is used. Organizing the space so that your storage is clean and off to the sides reduces clutter and also gives the benefit of allowing a potential buyer to visualize how they would use the space.


Replace Outdated Fixtures

Replace small but often-used features of your house such as doorknobs to add a more modern touch to your space. Details often go unnoticed but make an enormous difference in the big picture.


Purge and Organize

Life gets messy. Try getting rid of as much clutter as you can, and what you can’t organize in an easily storable fashion.


New Bedding is Good Bedding

Updates also come in the form of comfort. New linens make a bedroom look neater and more appealing.