3 Tips to Design a Nursery That Will Grow With Your Baby

3 Tips to Design a Nursery That Will Grow With Your Baby

If you’ve just upgraded to larger home to make space for a family, you’ll find it’s a little more complicated than just making space.

When preparing for a child, most people plan according to gender or what they know babies will like; like brightly colored wall paper with ducks or sailboats or cowboys.

Only problem is, your child is going to keep growing. We all hate to admit it. Trust me, your baby will grow. And eventually they won’t want that yellow rocking chair in their room, or their walls to have yellow duckies all over it. Not to mention you’ve invested in this home, you want your children to enjoy growing up in.

It’s a lot less stress and will save a lot of time later to simply have already incorporated designs into the room that don’t need to be changed.


Here are 3 tips to designing a Nursery that will grow with your child:


  • Choose Statement Pieces For Inspiration

The trick is to pick an item, for instance the curtains, and find inspiration from there. Instead of princesses on the wallpaper, you could pick a beautiful floral pattern or a bold color for the curtains that can also be used for the color scheme later on. This way, the actual room doesn’t need to change, just a bigger bed, new posters, etc.

  • Curate Versatile Furniture

Try choosing furniture that is more timeless. You can have a dresser that can double as a changing pad, and chairs that will look cool when your kid is able to have friends over in a few years.

  •  Keep Baby Specific Items To a Minimum

Instead of covering the room head to toe in baby stuff, you can put up cute pictures as a focal point in one spot that can be changed to different pictures later. No need to go over board really.