3 Reasons Why a Realtor Can Help You Achieve Success In Flipping A Home

Garry Thind Blog 3 Reasons Why a Realtor Can Help You Achieve Success In Flipping a Home

If You’re Thinking of Renovating and Flipping a Home, Teaming Up With a Realtor is a Smart Thing To Do!

Having a realtor on your team when you are flipping houses can substantially boost your chance of success. Ultimately, flipping houses is not just about renovating and upgrading a home, it is also about being able to sell it when it is done.

If you are thinking about renovating and selling houses, here are 3 reasons why a realtor can help you achieve success.


A Realtor Knows How to Negotiate
Flipping a house can be fun and it is easy to get caught up in the vision of how you would transform the house instead of being focused on the bottom line. A realtor will keep things in check and negotiate a good deal on the home you intend to flip thereby giving you more wiggle room on your reno budget and ultimately more profit in the end.


A Realtor Establishes if the Numbers Make Sense
Flipping houses involves a lot of budgeting, number crunching and networking which are skills that a good realtor has. Before buying a house, a realtor will help you to figure out the price points that you would need to buy and sell for to figure out if the numbers work. If they don’t make sense up front, the advice would be to walk away and look for something else to buy.
Realtors are familiar with what people are looking for and will advise you on the most buyer friendly designs and solutions. This advice will help to market and sell the home once it is renovated.


A Realtor Will Help You Reach the Finish Line
Flipping homes on TV look easy. In reality, they are a lot of hard work with exhausting days that can feel overwhelming. A realtor can be a huge support to a house flipper by taking on the real estate work and leaving you to work on the renovation.

Flipping houses to make a profit is fast-paced work and finishing a renovation can leave you burnt out. Handing the finished house over to a realtor who is excited and raring to go means that you will reap the rewards that you hope for.


So, if you are thinking about flipping a house, give me a call and together we will get it done.