3 Misconceptions about Real Estate

Real estate can be difficult to maneuver if it’s not part of your daily life. There are a lot of misconceptions that most people have about the real estate market and how it functions.

Luckily for you, I eat and sleep real estate, and I’m happy to set the record straight.


Misconception #1: You don’t need a Real Estate Agent.

Everything you need to know to buy or sell a home is online now, right? You can learn anything by watching Youtube or reading a well-written blog.

Well, we can learn a lot from the internet, and I will always encourage people to research and be as well informed about real estate as possible; however, buying and selling a home can become complication and it also happens to be emotional.

A real estate agent can diffuse situations, can bring you back down when your expectations are not realistic. We have also made a life of this so we know what is going on in the constantly evolving market and can advise and help you navigate in the right direction.


Misconception #2: Sell in the Spring.

There are a few reasons people like to sell in the Spring. For families with children it can make the move easier as it occurs before kids return to school. As well, curb appeal tends to be at its highest in Spring and Summer with the sunshine, greenness, and flowers blooming.

That all said, there are many people selling who don’t have children or whose schedules require them to sell during a different season. There are so many different lifestyles out there from people wanting to down size to young couples to dog owners; and they are all selling at different times – like the Summer!


Misconception #3: You don’t need to have an Open House.

People think that now with virtual tours and better pictures online, they don’t need to host an open house.

Open houses are crucial to selling a home. It is a big decision to sell or buy real estate and everyone wants to know that they’ve made a good decision and have picked the right space for their lives.

Open Houses allow home buyers to get to know the space they could potentially be living in for a very long time. So, open your door and let buyers come on in and fall in love with your house!


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