Everyone to Notify When Changing Addresses

Everyone to Notify When Changing Addresses

With the many checklists of the moving process, here is a checklist that should be at the top of your list – this is your lifeline.


When you sell your home and move to a new address don’t forget to send out change of address notifications or you may miss some important letters (like a reminder from the dentist, perhaps?). Some institutions like your gym can change your address over the phone or upon your next visit, but other businesses may need more notice or paperwork.

Here is a list of people you should notify when you change addresses:

Government Agencies

  • Postal services
  • DMV
  • IRS


  • Insurance companies
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Gym


  • Electric
  • Phones
  • Internet


  • Financial Institutions
  • Subscriptions (Journals/ Magazines/ Sports, Professional, or Social Clubs)


The changes of moving can seem overwhelming. Try tackling each business one at a time and you’ll find this list will be quickly crossed-out. Remaining ahead of the game can alleviate stressful scrambling to be organized once a move is complete.