5 Reasons to Play Up Curb Appeal When Selling

5 Reasons to Play Up Curb Appeal When Selling

To potential buyers, the outside can be just as important as the inside. At the very least, a good first impression can leave a good taste in the mouth upon entering the home.

When you decide to sell your home, it may be a good idea to spruce up the outside so when potential buyers park out front for an open house, or they walk down the path to your front door, they’re excited to see the rest.


Here are 5 Reasons to Play Up Curb Appeal when Selling:

  • Your Front Door

Your Front Door should say “Open Me”. Not “stay out”. If you’ve had the same front door since you moved in, say 10 years ago, and it’s looking a little shabby, now may be the time to purchase a new door. At the very least, an new coat of paint will put your home’s best foot forward.

  • Evening Visibility

You never know when a potential buyer may be driving through your neighborhood at night. It may be that your home catches their eye in the evening light and that is the moment they want it for their own.

If your street is very dark at night, make sure you have good outdoor lights, and maybe even a few lanterns to play up a more whimsical feeling.

  • Garden

The outside of your home is a presentation. Flowers and a nicely kept lawn are the wrapping paper.

Prior to selling your home, make sure your grass is well mowed, and not patchy. If there are any bushes or trees they should be taken care of as well to ensure they are not over grown. If you have the time, plant or hang some flowers.

  • Details

Details will always matter. The little spots that you think go unnoticed come together to paint a not so put-together picture. Clean or change your door handle and locks. Put a fresh coat of pain on the railings, and polish your wood steps. You get it – take care of the details.

  • Welcome Visitors

When it doubt, Spell it out. Welcome guests into your home with a lovely, clean front door mat. Some people need to see it to believe it. Just saying.