Why You Should Buy or Sell in July

Garry Thind Blog Why You Should Buy or Sell in July

Think about it, could the summer be the perfect time to buy or sell a home in Surrey? Why not? Here are 9 good reasons to help you make the decision:



There is Less Competition: 
Because there are fewer buyers out house hunting in summer, the ones who are in the market will have more bargaining power when putting an offer in. Multiple bids may be likely ad sellers who are pressured to sell may be more motivated to accept.

Neighbourhood Buzz: 
There is always more activity in the summer, which allows you a better feel for the community. If you have kids, you will see if there are children outside playing and if the homeowners are friendly and welcoming.

To avoid the disruption moving homes can have on the school year, buying in July allows enough time to close the deal, move and settle in before the new school year starts.

Summer is the best time to see what a property has to offer. You can assess the landscaping, what the neighbours’ yards look like and if the pool is in good condition. If there is air conditioning, you can see if it is working properly.



It’s just simple, homes always show better during summer. Pools sparkle, trees and gardens in full bloom create beautiful spaces at the entrance and in the backyard. Potential buyers can easily stand on the back porch and imagine living in the home.

There is Less Competition: 
The same way that buyers benefit from less competition, it is also good for sellers as there is usually less inventory on the market. This is a huge advantage for the seller.

Moving Out and In:
If you must sell your home to buy a new home, it is much easier to do so in the summer. However, always remember that buying and selling takes time, so you must always be ready to act.

Genuine Buyers:
It is known that the people looking for a new home in the summers are somehow more committed to finding one. There are possibly fewer buyers out there, but the ones who are looking are genuine.

Relocation Buyers:
During the summer, buyers may be on vacation and have easier schedules. A relocation buyer is a great opportunity for a seller as they usually need to purchase a home and have only a very short time to do it. If your home meets their needs, the deal will be done.


If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in the beautiful city of Surrey this summer, give me a call and I will be happy to guide you through the process.