How to Pick Timeless Furniture

As your design style changes over time, it’s nice to have pieces that are adaptable. Not mention, high-quality furniture is expensive, and if you are willing to invest it’s nice to know that the pieces you are in love with now will continue to hold value in your home – no matter where you move.

Here are a few tips to think about when choosing furniture that you plan on using for years to come:


  • Don’t Go Rigid

Straight lines can be harsh and won’t go with everything. Furniture with more movement tends to match better with different styles as it’s more fluid.

So instead of a straight, rectangular center table, try incorporating a winged chair or an end table with fluid lines into your home decor.


  • Colour and Patterns

Beautiful patterns and strong colours can be assets for any room design by creating visual interest. When furniture shopping, keep an eye out for a single statement piece that can keep a space feeling modern and that will also allow you to choose other neutral furniture that is adaptable to different colour palettes and styles.


  • Add Your Personality

Small details keep things interesting when it comes to home design – book ends, lamps, lighting. You can add yourself more into a space by adding fun details that represent you without crowding your space or making it appear as though you put little thought into style and design.


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