How to Get Over the Fear of Selling

How to Get Over the Fear of Selling

Many people put off selling for far too long in fear of the effort it will take to make a change. First off let me assure you that having a great real estate agent helps a lot in guiding you through what needs to be done and to make what needs to be done as smooth a process as possible.

As a show of good faith, here are a few reasons one may be afraid or selling and what to focus on in overcoming those fears.

  1. Work

Many homeowners are deterred by the smaller and larger upgrades that need to be made. Some changes can be as small as exchanging your old wire hangers for plush new ones. Bigger upgrades are what is really scary to most. However, prepping a home for sale makes all the difference. In fact, the condition of a home is in direct relationship with the ultimate amount of money you can get for your home. Regular wear and tear take a toll on a house, though. So there will always be a few key  areas of work: repairs and replacements, cleaning, storage and staging. Setting a budget for repairs is also a possibility that can help reduce worries. Ultimately, whatever changes you make will be for the better.

2. Feeling Exposed

A very understandable feeling. A home is a personal space that holds all of our memories. This said, it’s a necessary evil.

Many people have issues either with strangers seeing their personal things, or alternatively, with staging and depersonalizing their home. If it helps, take down personal items like family photos  or items with a lot of sentimental or monetary value which you can put in a safe for peace of mind. Just remember your concerns are not irrational nor are you alone in them. Making a plan and working with someone you trust and can voice your worries to is also imperative.

3.  Lastly… A House That Won’t Sell

Many factors can create a lot of stress in the selling process and worrying that your home won’t sell fast enough or that it won’t sell at all is one of them. If it’s possible, plan ahead. Selling should not be a last minute decision. Knowing the right time to pounce, and being able to price a home according to the market and similar pricings are elements that will ensure a home can be sold.