Holiday Decoration Tips for Sellers

Garry Thind Blog Holiday Decoration Tips for Sellers

Christmas is almost here and people who would like to sell their home are often in a quandary at this time of the year. They are about to say goodbye to a home they have become emotionally attached to and still want to celebrate the holidays with home decorations. How much money should they spend on Christmas décor in these circumstances without overdoing it or seeming Scrooge like?

The answer is to find a happy balance in a tasteful and uncluttered way.


Many people love flashy, multicoloured lights and decorations that scream ‘look at me!’ If you are in the process of marketing your home, do the complete opposite and go neutral – No Flash! Keep all your exterior décor easy to remove because if your home is being marketed correctly, it shouldn’t be on the market for long.


If your inside décor is overdone with too much clutter, buyers may be turned off. Too much décor becomes distracting and instead of looking at your home and remembering it’s great features, buyers may be overwhelmed by your décor. Live Christmas trees covered in glitter are often very beautiful but can be messy too. At this time, because you are selling your home, you may want to choose an artificial tree that is lit with neutral lights and is small enough to make sure that the area it sits in feels large and spacious.


The candles and room sprays that are available today are numerous. Pumpkin, Caramel, Peppermint, Cinnamon etc. Remember that you may love these aromas, but a potential buyer may not. There have been many buyers who have been so affected by a smell in a home that they have turned around and left immediately. Resist the urge to light the Christmas candles on a show day and keep the smell in your home neutral.

Remember that when you are selling your home, “Less is More”! Wishing you all a wonderful, happy and healthy holiday season.

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