3 Things You Don’t Need to Move

Leading up to a move, there is a lot of planning involved for how you will pack and what to pack first or last.

One thing you should know is that you don’t need to move everything. There are a few things that you can use up or give away prior to a move.

In fact, if you wanted to you could combine the casting off of the following items into one party!


  • Eat Up

Food is annoying to move and can go bad or spill or break over all of your stuff.

So, in the weeks leading to the big day, use up all those items that aren’t shelf stable – and don’t forget the perishables in the fridge!


  • Open Bottles

Glass doesn’t move well. So, if it’s open or in a glass bottle, it’s time to invite some friends over and share!

Make a pitcher of margaritas, or sangria (to use up the orange juice in the fridge and the frozen berries in the freezer), and enjoy!


  • Pare Down Your Wardrobe

We all have clothes that we no longer use. Clothes that no longer fit, clothes that are faded or stained, and clothes we just no longer wear.

Now is the time to let go of all those items and hand them over to other homes.

I suggest a clothing swap party (where you can eat perishables, and drink margaritas). Whatever isn’t taken can be driven over to a nearby donation bin or thrift store.

Instead of thinking “I can get rid of stuff once I’ve moved”, be prepared and use up what can be used and donate what you can’t.

It’s less stuff to move at the end of the day.


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